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Contacts:Yue Yang    Kun Wang


Business consulting
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Mon to Fri :8:30-17:30
Sat to Sun :9:00-17:00
Product Detail
Electric Power Engineering
Electric Power Engineering
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1. Engineering Construction and General Contracting EPC

(1)  Coal fired, gas fired/HRSG, solar energy, internalcombustion engine, biomass power generation, wind power generation, Hydropowerand desalination;

(2)Transmission, substation and power distribution system

2. Operation Management Service

(1)Power station’s O&M

(2)Overhaul, Rehabilitation and upgrading ofpower station :  

(3)Maintenance, testing and monitoring ofsubstation

(4)Training about electric power, includessimulator and specialty systems

(5)Power station equipment repairing andspare parts supplying

(6)Substation and distribution equipmentspare parts supplying

(7)Electricpower testing instrumentation supplying

3. Technology Cooperation

(1)Technical support and guidance for powerstation

(2)Remote monitoring and diagnostics service

(3)Pre-construction technology adviser

(4)Electric power engineering translation

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