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1.Hiring and number

  legal counsel one

  French translator  one

  Financial investment management administrator  one


   The public recruitment.

3.Main duty and basic requirements

legal counsel

1.Main duty:

Proficient in Chinese laws and regulations;    

Familiar with EPC project contract management of company overseas, Establish and perfect the legal service system and handle legal disputes;Participate in contract review and project problem;Participate in the overseas project major claim and counterclaim;Train, guide the staff。


Bachelor degree or above,LAW,risk, contract law and related field, with the legal profession qualification certificate, English level 6 or above;Listening, reading and writing proficiency, familiar with office software, have 3 years working experience in related to law, electric power construction industry work experience is preferred.

French translator

1.Main duty:

Esponsible for french-speaking project letter translation, all kinds of contracts and technical data.


Bachelor and above degree, major in French, French level 8 is preferred.French translation experience more than 2 years, worked in French translation about engineering industry professional ,1 year working experience in french-speaking countries, had the EPC (engineering general contracting) contract translation experience is preferred, proficient in French translation of the Chinese language.

Financial investment management administrator

1.Main duty :

Project investment and financing financial insurance agency relationship management;Complete financing work in tender stage; Organize project investment due diligence and feasibility studies, and relevant work of examination and approval; Participate in the project related financial work of the company;;Process the related link of project finance, audit and approval of the work.


1. Financial management, financial and other related majors; Intermediate and above titles or a corresponding qualification certificate; With appropriate qualification is preferred. Skillful application of Chinese and English as working language, including speaking, listening and writing, etc.At least 8 years working experience, 3 years or above working experience in overseas, more than 3 years working experience in power project, project investment and financing of relevant working experience. 2 years or more.


Our company solemnly declare:this hiring  announcement is only announced in the official website  (“Beijixing electric website ”( should carefully identify the authenticity of the recruitment channels and the announcement offer emai in order to not be treated.

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